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Sennheiser HD 201

OK, I spent quite a lot of time looking around today, and finally bought myself a brand new Sennheiser HD 201. The sound quality is really good, it covers my whole ear so I don’t have to deal with a lot of ambient noise, and it’s light. I think these are the best headphones for […]

Breaking stuff

I’ve managed to somehow break my headphones (Philips SHP805), so now it’s time to find a new pair.


I bought a WiFi router (Netgear WGR614) the day-before. Wireless-ness feels good.

New Computers

First: Last Thursday, my apartment had some power supply issues—and due to a surge in the electricity supply, my computer’s power supply blew up. When I installed a new power supply, I found out that the motherboard was fried as well. Time to upgrade. Introducing my new home machine, named zeppo: AMD Athlon 64 x2 […]

The Mouse

You know, as much as I love using the keyboard for anything and everything, the mouse can sometimes be useful as well. Using a keyboard is fast. I don’t exactly ‘touch-type’—I type using my own weird style with predominantly the left hand. Which, incidentally is something I’ve wanted to rectify, and I keep getting tempted […]

Thoughts of a new mobile user.

I don’t really like mobile phones. I’ve put off getting a mobile for many varied reasons, but finally caved in last month and got one. OK, so now I still hate mobiles, but not as much as before. I got a ‘good’ instrument. It plays amazing music, with an interface that is almost as good […]


I’m now officially an annoying person—I’ve just got my first mobile. The Sony Ericsson W700i is a fun phone. Does what a phone is supposed to do, and a whole lot more. Some notable features: The ‘walkman’ functionality, almost as good as an iPod. The default headphones are damn good. Much better than anything I’ve […]