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Sir Terry Pratchett

I have a rational fear of very prolific authors: if they're good, I won't be able to resist reading everything they've written. And I was right to be afraid. After nearly a decade of trying to avoid it, I finally read my first[1] Terry Pratchett book. Well, I wasn't using my free time very productively, […]

CV gaffes

I’ve been scanning through a few résumés lately for work, and as always, am astounded by the level of unprofessionalism most people’s résumés show. The funniest bits are usually present in the introduction (or career objective section); take this one for example: To contribute my best to the organization, which explores my knowledge in the […]


On my last count, there were 74 books I own that I haven’t read. Some I’m planning to, some I’ve half-read and given up for whatever reason, some I have just put away for so long that I’ve forgotten about them, and some are short story collections (I can never finish those, short stories exhaust […]

Knuth cheques

Awesome comment on this reddit story: “Times are tight. I spend my days and nights combing over Knuth's collected works to try and make ends meet. Why, just last month I found enough errors to buy myself enough cabbage for 7 meals.”