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Dell parts

I was going through some of my old cameraphone pics, and came across a really neat picture I had taken that shows all replacement parts sent over by Dell to fix my laptop. It’s worth taking a look at, so I posted it on Flickr.

Dell laptop warranty

I just renewed my Dell laptop’s warranty for a year… It cost me Rs. 7.5k, which is too much; but I couldn’t risk leaving it unsupported considering the hardware problems I’ve faced so far…

Ubuntu 8.04

I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) yesterday… The process was easy and painless, almost everything worked out of the box. There was no sound after upgrade, and all of the normal fixes didn’t work. Then I saw this comment by Mark Shuttleworth, which fixed it. You gotta love open source…


The laptop’s still not fixed… sigh.

The continuing laptop saga

After my last post, there were a few more complications. Unfortunately, no one seems to have an idea about what to do regarding them. The problem I face is very weird—when starting up the machine, it will always automatically power down within a couple of minutes. This happens even on the BIOS screens, but if […]

Dell service

(I’m a bit rusty right now, haven’t been very active on this blog-front. What follows will probably be sub-par quality…) OK, so my laptop (a Dell Vostro 1400, running Ubuntu 7.10 right now) started mis-behaving on Tuesday (25th March), and was unusable on Wednesday. I called Dell support on Thursday, and their phone-service was all-right […]

Vostro trouble

I’ve been having some problems with my laptop for the last two days–it keeps getting hung up every few hours, and won’t reboot unless I do a ‘diagnostic’ start-up. Thankfully, I bought it locally (paying a premium) instead of asking someone to get on from the U.S.; so I have a decent service plan. Have […]


I put an Ubuntu sticker on my laptop lid the other day—I did so because I had managed to scratch it hideously, and Amit had a few stickers to spare. I looks cool. The geek I am, I actually like showing it off. At BarCamp, a lot of people had such stickers on their laptops. […]


I bought a WiFi router (Netgear WGR614) the day-before. Wireless-ness feels good.


Updated simulacra to WordPress 2.3.1. I hadn’t upgraded to 2.3 when it came out, I wanted time to do it right. Haven’t really tested whether all my installed plugins still work, so if anyone notices anything weird, please do tell. Downloaded Simplr 4.0, and then customized it so that it works just like I want […]