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Cashless travel on B.E.S.T. buses in Mumbai

I recently found out that the local buses in Mumbai have started a RFID-based scheme for cashless travel. I’m writing this as I didn’t find much information about this online, and I hope my experiences are helpful to others. How this whole thing works It’s a simple pre-paid card. Instead of offering cash for a […]

nth loop

Or, what I have been up to for the last three months. I quit my job last December, and took a few weeks off. Since January, me and Srivatsan have been building nth loop, our startup company dream new thing. Working for ourselves has always been our dream, and taking the plunge was long overdue. […]

Self-improvement, or a quest for Shoshin

My plans for graduate studies have been pushed-back for another year, but I’ve decided to not waste any time either. In the coming year, I want to learn about as many new things as I can. I just ordered a few books from Flipkart.com—which is, by the way, fast becoming my favourite Indian book store—and […]


I haven’t updated my blog in ages. I don’t know why, for the last few months, I just couldn’t write. I write in order to help myself think. Putting concrete words to my thoughts is the best way (that I know of) of clearing my head, and enforcing some sort of order to the chaos […]

I’m still here

Yes, I’m still here. Just thought I’d drop by and let you know what I’ve been up to recently. Or more precisely, what I’ve been reading lately. Work has been hectic, but I’m nowhere near busy enough to stop reading. I’ve read quite a few great books recently. John Scalzi’s The Ghost Brigades and The […]


On my last count, there were 74 books I own that I haven’t read. Some I’m planning to, some I’ve half-read and given up for whatever reason, some I have just put away for so long that I’ve forgotten about them, and some are short story collections (I can never finish those, short stories exhaust […]


After painful deliberation, I’ve finally ordered my own digital camera. I’ve ordered it via Amazon, because I love their customer service; and they’re cheap. Amit’s going to receive it in the ’States and carry it to India for me. I decided to get a Panasonic DMC-TZ4. It has an amazing Leica lens that provides 10x […]


I recently started using an incandescent light bulb in my room instead of our normal fluorescent lights—it’s much better on the eyes, especially when I’m reading. I feel guilty about wasting power though; I think newer CFLs provide warm light, will have to get one.

Social Networks

(A rambling, non-linear post.) As I keep mentioning, I have a hate-hate relationship with social networks. Twitter seems to be the only exception till-date; every other site has me running for the hills. That said, I have accounts in LinkedIn, Orkut and Facebook. I got suckered into creating an Orkut account, as all my friends […]

Adventures in setting up a home office, Part 1

Or, the part where I can’t get my mobile phone working I have an Airtel phone post-paid mobile phone connection, registered in the Delhi/NCR region. I had planned to use the same number (on roaming) in Mumbai, and hang on to it till next June, when number portability hopefully kicks in. There was only one […]