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My net returns on mutual fund investments: -25.81%. On stocks, it’s -64.49%. With times being as they are, it’s better to keep my money in a savings account rather than moving it into investments as everyone keeps recommending. Strangely, I’m not feeling a bit bitter. I’ve put up most of my savings (yes, Indians my […]


Which Indian site do you guys recommend I use for tracking my investments? I’ve tried moneycontrol.com, but it’s so full of ads that I can’t bear it anymore.

Financial Planning

Now that I’ve started earning, I’ve realised that I’m terrible with money. I can’t remember where I spent it, don’t think before buying anything, and have no restraint. OK, I do have a little restraint, but not nearly enough it seems. My friends seem to be different from me. I know people who’ve already invested […]