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Cashless travel on B.E.S.T. buses in Mumbai

I recently found out that the local buses in Mumbai have started a RFID-based scheme for cashless travel. I’m writing this as I didn’t find much information about this online, and I hope my experiences are helpful to others. How this whole thing works It’s a simple pre-paid card. Instead of offering cash for a […]

On Mumbai traffic, and giving up driving

I like to drive, but lately I haven’t enjoyed driving. Mumbai has the worst traffic of any city I’ve seen… Yesterday, for example, going to a mall 10km from my home took me over two hours; driving on a Saturday and not during peak hours. For now, it seems that the only time I can […]

Going back

I moved to Noida last September, and tomorrow I’ll go back to Mumbai. I’m still working for Imfinity, but from Mumbai. I’m going to be working from home—ideally, geographic location shouldn’t make a difference in the IT world, and I guess I’ll find out whether that’s true in the coming months. This was the first […]