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I haven’t updated my blog in ages. I don’t know why, for the last few months, I just couldn’t write. I write in order to help myself think. Putting concrete words to my thoughts is the best way (that I know of) of clearing my head, and enforcing some sort of order to the chaos […]

Chick lit

Was roaming around Noida’s Sector 18 Friday night. A Network 18 reporter came up to me holding a book (plus a mic), and very cheerfully asked me whether I read ‘chick lit’. I immediately said ‘No’, of course. Without thinking. She gave me a really disappointed look and walked away looking for other interview candidates. […]


Nikhil has a new site: Medianama.


Newspapers are really depressing. News in general is really depressing.


Two pipes for harpers.org: one to list only the ‘Weekly Review’ articles, another to list only the quotes published there.