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nth loop blog

Srivatsan & I have finally started the nth loop blog — I’ve already written a couple of blog posts there, go check them out! I am keen on writing more, so you can expect frequent posts there (unlike this wasteland, where I barely write anymore). For best results, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Backbone.statefulEvents, Part 1 — how we built our first Backbone plugin

This is an essay describing how (and why) I build my first Backbone.js plugin. It’s mainly written for readers who want to write extensions themselves, but can’t figure out how to get started—this post mainly describes the design process of the plugin. My next post will be about the implementation. Quick note: you need to […]

nth loop

Or, what I have been up to for the last three months. I quit my job last December, and took a few weeks off. Since January, me and Srivatsan have been building nth loop, our startup company dream new thing. Working for ourselves has always been our dream, and taking the plunge was long overdue. […]