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Milestone! (android notes)

I bought a Motorola Milestone last week, and haven't stopped playing with it yet! I was dying to get hands on an Android device for ages, but none of the decent devices were availabe in India at first; and when they were available, they were either terribly over-priced or obsolete. I heard last week that […]

Android Awesomeness

I’ve been waiting for an Android-based phone to be ‘officially’ launched in India for a while now. My wait seems to be near its end; there are (again) some rumours flying around that HTC is going to launch one of its phones in India in the near future. Sooner or later, there’s bound to be […]

Too many Twitter SMSes on your phone?

If you’re using Linux, install Wammu (sudo aptitude install wammu for Ubuntu). If you’re not using Linux, stop reading. Connect your phone to Wammu (I did it via Bluetooth). Retrieve all your SMSes. Sort by number. Select all SMSes sent from Twitter, right-click and select the ‘Delete Selected’ option. Congratulations, your phone’s inbox is tweet-free […]


I thought about activating voicemail on my phone, but can’t figure out how from Airtel’s site: it’s an usability disaster.