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New blog post

I’ve written a new blog post (finally!), but it’s published on ClearTax’s blog. It’s about how you can use F#’s pattern matching to write safer and simpler code. Go forth and read!

Backbone.statefulEvents, Part 1 — how we built our first Backbone plugin

This is an essay describing how (and why) I build my first Backbone.js plugin. It’s mainly written for readers who want to write extensions themselves, but can’t figure out how to get started—this post mainly describes the design process of the plugin. My next post will be about the implementation. Quick note: you need to […]

On being a polyglot (programmer)

I’ve grown up speaking multiple languages, like most Indians1. My childhood was defined by clear-cut language separations: Gujarati for home, Hindi when talking with friends, English (and to a smaller extent, Marathi) at school. Each language ended up occupying a certain part of my brain. To this day, I can’t think of anything scientific or […]

Self-improvement, or a quest for Shoshin

My plans for graduate studies have been pushed-back for another year, but I’ve decided to not waste any time either. In the coming year, I want to learn about as many new things as I can. I just ordered a few books from Flipkart.com—which is, by the way, fast becoming my favourite Indian book store—and […]

Android Awesomeness

I’ve been waiting for an Android-based phone to be ‘officially’ launched in India for a while now. My wait seems to be near its end; there are (again) some rumours flying around that HTC is going to launch one of its phones in India in the near future. Sooner or later, there’s bound to be […]


Via the ever-helpful Wikipedia: [copy-editing] is the work that an editor does to improve the formatting, style, and accuracy of a manuscript. […] Copy editing is done prior to the work of proofreaders, who handle documents before final publication. Bloggers aren’t professional writers. Most of us don’t even re-read our posts once before publishing. We […]

Rules for filing a bug report

Use Plain English. Use grammatically correct English. Please don’t use slang, short-hand, or SMS-speak. Explain things. Assume that the person reading your report is a six-year old. Please mention how often the bug occurs (always, seldom, rarely, intermittently). Can you reliably re-create the situation that leads-up to the bug? If so, please list down the […]

Python gems

Python gems: Eric Florenzano and Eric Holscher.

Bug report: bseindia.com

I’m thinking of publishing some ‘open’ bug reports. I’ll be posting mostly about websites that I (or people I know) use; and I’ll send this as feedback to the site as well, when possible. Lets see if I can get some responses. Here’s a bug report for bseindia.com: Sample URL: http://bseindia.com/price_finder/stockreach.asp?scripcd=500325 Issue: The Java applet […]


My GitHub page—I’ll try to add a few more projects there.