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I wanted to port my bookPrices script to run on Google’s AppEngine, but on reading the documentation, it seems that they don’t allow long-running background process. I hoped there would be a map/reduce API or something, but no luck.


Had some fun today—spent some time reading up on git; gave github a whirl; loved it; found out that it wouldn’t remain free for private projects for long; ended up installing gitweb on my site.


GNOME Do is my favourite Ubuntu app right now. I have always felt jealous that Linux users didn’t have anything as good as Quicksilver for Mac; well, now we do 1. I’ve been meaning to write about GNOME Do for a month now, but could never describe it properly. It’s best understood when seen, so […]

Rails is shitty

Rails is shitty from c.l.l—“100% magic with 0% design” is probably why it’s so popular as well.

bookPrices update

I deployed a parallel version of bookPrices here today, and it stopped working. Strange, as it works great for me locally. Reverted it back, will puzzle it out when I have some more time.


I’ve been doing a bit of work on Flash recently, and it’s been an interesting ride so far. I can’t really describe the project, but it wasn’t something too complicated. A ‘Flash guy’ could have finished it in a couple of days, I took much longer. I could wing-it through though, because in the end […]

Wide vs. Deep

Wide vs. Deep—recommended reading.

Javascript and DOM craziness

OK, guess what this (simplistic) HTML file should display when opened in your favorite browser? <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload = function () { var dropDown = document.getElementById('select'); var newOption = document.createElement('option'); newOption.innerHTML = 'four'; dropDown.appendChild(newOption); dropDown.options.selectedIndex = dropDown.options.length – 1; } </script> </head> <body> <select id="select"> <option>one</option> <option selected="true">two</option> <option>three</option> </select> </body> </html> Firefox/Safari/Opera […]

Book Prices

OK, I’ve been working on a small project for the last week. It’s not complete, but for once one of my projects has gone beyond the I’ll-do-it-someday stage and reached the it-almost-could-work stage, so I’m putting it out in the open. Book Prices is a screen scraper I wrote to compare prices of, well, books […]

Wordnet and Emacs

Something else I did to pass the time. This is going into my posts.el file, with the keybinding C-c w. (defun get-current-word () "Returns the current, or the last entered word." (save-excursion (backward-word) (setq start (point)) (forward-word) (setq end (point)) (buffer-substring-no-properties start end))) (defvar wordnet-bin-path "C:/Progra~1/WordNet/2.1/bin/wn.exe" "This should point to the full path of the […]