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Sir Terry Pratchett

I have a rational fear of very prolific authors: if they're good, I won't be able to resist reading everything they've written. And I was right to be afraid. After nearly a decade of trying to avoid it, I finally read my first[1] Terry Pratchett book. Well, I wasn't using my free time very productively, […]


Two pipes for harpers.org: one to list only the ‘Weekly Review’ articles, another to list only the quotes published there.

Steven Erikson on life, and writing

I don’t usually quote long bits of text, but this is just too good to not share: [I]’ve just finished Toll the Hounds, which is the eighth novel in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. At the moment I am working on a co-written novella with Ian C. Esslemont set in the same world, […]