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On distractions

Here’s the thing: I deal with social networks by compartmentalizing them and accessing each via a particular access method. I have a separate browser (Chromium) whose only job is to open Facebook. I only read Twitter via TweetBot on my iPad. And I never access anything on my phone. This has worked-out pretty well. I […]

A fresh start

I have been stuck with writer’s block for a while now. It’s shameful really, and look, I have a sparkline that proves it: (blog posts per month) I need to do something drastic in order to break this habit. Here’s the plan, in no specific order: Move my blog off WordPress, and use one of […]

On Mumbai traffic, and giving up driving

I like to drive, but lately I haven’t enjoyed driving. Mumbai has the worst traffic of any city I’ve seen… Yesterday, for example, going to a mall 10km from my home took me over two hours; driving on a Saturday and not during peak hours. For now, it seems that the only time I can […]


(In which I pontificate, and generally try to sound like I know what I’m talking about) Part 1: The Problem with eBooks I just love books. I don’t think anything is ever going to replace the sheer joy of reading an actual, physical book. One you can touch and smell and feel. That said, I […]

CV gaffes

I’ve been scanning through a few résumés lately for work, and as always, am astounded by the level of unprofessionalism most people’s résumés show. The funniest bits are usually present in the introduction (or career objective section); take this one for example: To contribute my best to the organization, which explores my knowledge in the […]

Social Networks

(A rambling, non-linear post.) As I keep mentioning, I have a hate-hate relationship with social networks. Twitter seems to be the only exception till-date; every other site has me running for the hills. That said, I have accounts in LinkedIn, Orkut and Facebook. I got suckered into creating an Orkut account, as all my friends […]

Adventures in setting up a home office, Part 1

Or, the part where I can’t get my mobile phone working I have an Airtel phone post-paid mobile phone connection, registered in the Delhi/NCR region. I had planned to use the same number (on roaming) in Mumbai, and hang on to it till next June, when number portability hopefully kicks in. There was only one […]

Bug report: bseindia.com

I’m thinking of publishing some ‘open’ bug reports. I’ll be posting mostly about websites that I (or people I know) use; and I’ll send this as feedback to the site as well, when possible. Lets see if I can get some responses. Here’s a bug report for bseindia.com: Sample URL: http://bseindia.com/price_finder/stockreach.asp?scripcd=500325 Issue: The Java applet […]


I thought about activating voicemail on my phone, but can’t figure out how from Airtel’s site: it’s an usability disaster.

Blogging bad

Robin Hoob’s anti-blogging rant—true.