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Sometimes, I want to force everyone to use Emacs, and put this bit of magic into their default site-start.el: (defun yank () (interactive) (insert "Copy/Paste isn't allowed!")) Life could so much simpler…

Rails is shitty

Rails is shitty from c.l.l—“100% magic with 0% design” is probably why it’s so popular as well.

Obligatory year-end post

OK, it’s been quiet over here for some time. I went to Mysore on the 20th, and spent around eight hectic days working there. It was a lot of fun, and very tiring. This was the first time I’d been to the south, so I was really excited. I had written a very long-ish post […]


Indiaplaza.in has started spamming me with promotional emails. No more shopping there, unless I get a really great deal.


Yesterday, 21:00 hours My flight’s been delayed by over two hours—from 22:20 to 00:20. 21:30 hours Google Reader offline is great fun. 22:00 hours There’s a Nirulas at the departure terminal. Had a coffee, which was terrible, a brownie which was even worse, and a chocolate sundae which was very good. 22:15 hours Now the […]


I’m sick and tired of Indian shopping sites ‘re-designing’ and turning into Amazon clones. A while back, Amazon did something new. Instead of cluttering the page with lots of navigational tabs, they just added a tab for all product categories—which showed the details when you hover over it. (Please note: I couldn’t get the mouse […]