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I love this game. It’s got it all: quick & fun gameplay mechanics, gorgeously illustrated artwork and a killer soundtrack. Bastion uses an interesting storytelling mechanic of having a narrator follow you through the game’s journey and give a voice-over of what you’re doing: it’s the same voice that’s playing in the trailer above. It’s […]

Firefox 3.1

I am amazed by Firefox 3.1 beta 2. Just look at the results of running the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark: Firefox 3.0.5 gave a total time of 7974.0ms ± 2.4% Firefox 3.1b2 gives a total time of 2867.0ms ± 4.3% That’s an astounding speed increase. The browser feels snappier, especially with JavaScript-intensive sites like Gmail, which […]

Stephenson’s Quicksilver