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Under-appreciated command line tools: comm

The comm command is surely one of the most under-appreciated commands in the GNU coreutils. Its man page is barely a page long, and here's the most interesting part: NAME comm — select or reject lines common to two files SYNOPSIS comm [-123i] file1 file2 DESCRIPTION The following options are available: -1 Suppress printing of […]


I bought a 500Gb external hard drive recently—and for some time had been using flyback to backup my home folder there. I used to take a weekly backup, but after time, I stopped being so regular. It has been months now since I last took a backup, so I decided to start afresh. This time, […]

Random Ubuntu tip of the day—Spell check everywhere

Note: this post isn’t too user-friendly, so beware. I’ve heard that Macs have a nice global spell-check system. I’ve never used a Mac, but having a single spelling checker at the OS-level seems like a good idea. You won’t need to train the spell-checks embedded in each application individually. I used to have a hack […]