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Losing steam

The blog has been losing steam lately… I haven’t been posting a lot of stuff here; especially since I started to use twitter. There are so many things I want to do here, but I keep letting myself be distracted in other areas, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not too sure what […]


Gravatars were already present here—I’ve enabled identicons as well. Look at any old post with comments to witness the new coolness.


I’ve increased the font size here—just trying something new. It’s supposed to make my site more readable. Any comments?

bookPrices update

I deployed a parallel version of bookPrices here today, and it stopped working. Strange, as it works great for me locally. Reverted it back, will puzzle it out when I have some more time.


Updated simulacra to WordPress 2.3.1. I hadn’t upgraded to 2.3 when it came out, I wanted time to do it right. Haven’t really tested whether all my installed plugins still work, so if anyone notices anything weird, please do tell. Downloaded Simplr 4.0, and then customized it so that it works just like I want […]

Erlang impressions

Erlang: First Impressions — recommended reading if you’re thinking of learning Erlang, like me.

New UI

I’m un-decided about Google’s new interface. Google Analytics’ new interface, on the other hand, rocks.

No One Belongs here

No one belongs here more than you: the most fun website I’ve seen in a while. I’m thinking of buying the book…

Some wisdom for y’all

Stop what you’re doing, and look at the bottom of my site’s home page. Here’s a handy link so that you can be sure what I’m talking about. I wrote a small Python script to generate some random quotes, and there it’s integrated into the site’s hidden region1 for any and all too see. Click […]


I’ve finally got my own copy of SICP, the MIT introductory CompSci text, thanks to Fabmall. Now for some learning.