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On distractions

Here’s the thing: I deal with social networks by compartmentalizing them and accessing each via a particular access method. I have a separate browser (Chromium) whose only job is to open Facebook. I only read Twitter via TweetBot on my iPad. And I never access anything on my phone. This has worked-out pretty well. I […]

Losing steam

The blog has been losing steam lately… I haven’t been posting a lot of stuff here; especially since I started to use twitter. There are so many things I want to do here, but I keep letting myself be distracted in other areas, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m not too sure what […]

Twitter SMS cost

Just verified from my bill: for Airtel, incoming Twitter SMSes are free, outgoing SMSes cost Rs. 3 each.

Too many Twitter SMSes on your phone?

If you’re using Linux, install Wammu (sudo aptitude install wammu for Ubuntu). If you’re not using Linux, stop reading. Connect your phone to Wammu (I did it via Bluetooth). Retrieve all your SMSes. Sort by number. Select all SMSes sent from Twitter, right-click and select the ‘Delete Selected’ option. Congratulations, your phone’s inbox is tweet-free […]


Started twittering.