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Desktop wall

Read about it on its flickr page.

Random Linux tip: fullscreen any application

If you’re using any flavour of Gnome (default for Ubuntu et al), go to System → Preferences → Keyboard Shortcuts and find the Toggle fullscreen mode action. This is disabled by default, add any decent shortcut you want for it (I use Alt-F11). And voilà, any application will now go fullscreen for you. I love […]

Current desktop (2008/08/18)

My current desktop configuration… More on its flickr page.

Ubuntu 8.04

I upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) yesterday… The process was easy and painless, almost everything worked out of the box. There was no sound after upgrade, and all of the normal fixes didn’t work. Then I saw this comment by Mark Shuttleworth, which fixed it. You gotta love open source…

Random Ubuntu tip of the day—Spell check everywhere

Note: this post isn’t too user-friendly, so beware. I’ve heard that Macs have a nice global spell-check system. I’ve never used a Mac, but having a single spelling checker at the OS-level seems like a good idea. You won’t need to train the spell-checks embedded in each application individually. I used to have a hack […]

Random Ubuntu Tip of the Day—Multisync

Multisync is a nifty little tool that lets me synchronize my Sony Ericsson phone with Evolution on my laptop. Every time my laptop starts up, my contacts and calendar items get automatically backed-up to it. My phone’s calendar is my primary reminder system—I have a terrible memory, so I just put anything I have to […]


Updated simulacra to WordPress 2.3.1. I hadn’t upgraded to 2.3 when it came out, I wanted time to do it right. Haven’t really tested whether all my installed plugins still work, so if anyone notices anything weird, please do tell. Downloaded Simplr 4.0, and then customized it so that it works just like I want […]