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nth loop

Or, what I have been up to for the last three months. I quit my job last December, and took a few weeks off. Since January, me and Srivatsan have been building nth loop, our startup company dream new thing. Working for ourselves has always been our dream, and taking the plunge was long overdue. […]

Going back

I moved to Noida last September, and tomorrow I’ll go back to Mumbai. I’m still working for Imfinity, but from Mumbai. I’m going to be working from home—ideally, geographic location shouldn’t make a difference in the IT world, and I guess I’ll find out whether that’s true in the coming months. This was the first […]


Lots of work ahead in the coming month… Am excited.


Packing again, going to Mysore. Work.

PHP people

Are there any decent PHP programmers in Delhi/NOIDA? Drop me a mail and we’ll chat…